Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Mar 2022 – Mar 2025 Valdivia, Chile

Genomic signals of adaptation in endemic marsupials of the temperate forest in Chile: resilience, climate change and conservation of Dromiciops in an environmental gradient

Advisors: Guillermo D’elía

PhD Research Scientist
Mar 2016 – Mar 2021 Valdivia, Chile

PhD Thesis: Species delimitation and genetic differentiation of the genus Dromiciops: Implications for the phylogeography of Dromiciops gliroides (Microbiotheria, Microbiotheriidae) an endemic marsupial from Chile and Argentina

Advisors: Roberto Nespolo and Pablo Saenz-Agudelo

Msc Research Scientist
Mar 2014 – Mar 2016 Valdivia, Chile

Msc Thesis: Experimental adaptation: the role of sexuality in response to artificial selection in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Advisors: Roberto Nespolo and Juan Diego Gaitán-Espitia

Assistant Researcher
Jan 2011 – Mar 2014 Santa Marta, Colombia

Responsibilities include: Lab assistant in project genetic connectivity for Lutjanus synagris, Cittarium pica and Mugil liza of marine areas of the Caribbean from Parques Nacionales Naturales

Advisors: Juan C. Narvaez and Lyda R. Castro

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Beca Doctorado Nacional

Scientific Reviewing

Editor for Scientific Journals
Austral Ecology (2022- present) | Intropica (2023- present)
Reviewer of Manuscripts
Ecology and Evolution | Integrative Zoology | Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences | ZooKeys | Scientific Reports